Government Grant Information,  Articles, and Advice
Government grants are one of the greatest sources of success stories in the United States, whether they are awarded for business, education, scientific research, arts, music, or community development they have helped shape the American dream.

Although they are not the only source of funds for business, education, and non-profit charitable organizations, they are the most recognized in the U.S. The thought that many great entrepreneurs and successful corporations have benefited from these government grants in the U.S. is a testament to the foundation of our free enterprise system.
Many people question whether they are eligible for a government grant. All granting committees, whether they are the U.S. Federal Government or private foundations, must award grants based on merit and need, not on your credit score, debts, or employment status.

There are many sources of grant funding money you can apply for and receive with no obligation to ever pay back. U.S. federal, state, and local government grants are just one source. There many other agencies, public and private, that award grants to worthy causes to help those individuals and groups in need of financial assistance.

Finding information on government grants is time consuming and confusing. You should not go it alone when it comes to understanding and completing this process. Getting the help you need to get free grant money for the funding for your project is the first step to achieving financial freedom for you and your family.

Whether you need financial assistance for medical bills, heating assistance, rent, or starting your own business, grants can enable you to buy your own home or new car, go on vacation, and live the life you want.